Self-adhesive label is being more frequently used for the design of various goods, successfully replacing the "dry" label. It occurs due to changes in the consumer goods market, as flexographic printing technology of self-adhesive labels has indisputable advantages:

  • Huge range of face materials and glues;
  • The widest range of surfaces on which it is possible to place a self-adhesive label, sticker;
  • A variety of finishing capabilities in the manufacture of labels;
  • High productivity of the applicator of a self-adhesive label;
  • The cheapness of labeling equipment, compared with applicators of "dry" label;
  • Possibility of fast readjustment of the labeling line upon transition to the new sizes and material of a self-adhesive label.

Distinctive features of our polygraphy:
  • Printing self-adhesive labels - the most modern flexographic equipment;
  • Materials for the press of a self-adhesive label from the leading global manufacturers (Raflatac, Fasson, Frimpex);
  • The term of production of a self-adhesive label from 1-2 to 10 working days;
  • Chromaticity of a label on the face up to 15 paints;
  • Rolls of self-adhesive labels are packed in strong cardboard boxes;
  • Delivery of finished products on a vehicle of "M & T", shipment at own expense or leased transport.

The most common uses of self-adhesive labels:
  • The label on the plastic packaging of cosmetic products, detergents and care for the body, resistant to water and alkali (soap) that are performed, usually made of film materials;
  • Label for exclusive and gift parties of wine and vodka production;
  • Stickers and price tags on food, including deep freezing;
  • Advertising stickers in subway and surface transport;
  • Self-adhesive thermal checks for electronic scales of various modifications;
  • High-quality full-color advertising on a white label, colored, fluorescent, metallized paper and film;
  • Stickers on dirty and oily surfaces, rubber tires, textile materials, batteries, and so on;
  • Mailing labels for letters and parcels, labeling office files and disks;
  • Promotional material for outdoor use;
  • Logistics and manufacturing labels and stickers.