11 July

The company "M & T" at the II Forum of the Black Sea Wine held in Krasnodar 2-3 July 2015

"Black Sea Forum" - so was named grand event, which was attended by the "M & T" company as an organizing partner.

"M & T" printing house – the active participant of the Black Sea forum.

Kuban, the main wine-making region of our country, accepted hundreds of participants from the most different countries of the world. Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, France and Italy - an incredible number of famous names gathered in July 2015, to discuss the urgent problems the wine industry, as well as set a task for the next few, certainly fruitful years.

The Deputy Governor of Krasnodar region A. A. Saurin, President of the Union of winemakers L. L. Popovich, Director of the Association of sparkling wine producers A. A. Sokolov, Chairman of the Crimean Council of the Bureau of grapes and wine, General Director of FSUE "Massandra" Yanina Petrovna Pavlenko – it is only a small part of the high-ranking officials who attended the forum. Conversation of the management of "M & T" printing house with other participants of the Forum.

Conversation management Printing M & T to other Members.

Development of the contact and interpersonal relations in winemaking sector, development of rules of formation of ratings of wines, development of the Black Sea coast, as historically significant producer of alcohol of a class of elite – here those tasks which the next some years were decided to realize. To develop interaction of professionals, to carry a positive and to soften tension in the international relations – here the concept of the participants who decided not to disturb, and in every possible way to support and promote each other. To remove Russia in number of the largest world exporters of wine – here development strategy which was depicted by the domestic representatives who recognized the high capacity of our country, wells of vineyards and other richness of the nature of a midland.

Visiting specialists M & T printing plant for the production of wines.

The special response among the participants found the speech of José Campuzano, the director of the Trade Representation of Russia in Chile. The model of export-oriented economy represented by this specialist, has become a real engine of growth for the industry friendly country. To create the indestructible union of the state and wine makers – such decision was made in Chile several decades ago. Practice of many years has demonstrated the viability of this scheme, which, according to our participants, Russia should be used as a positive example for subsequent years.

In stock of finished goods stored bottles of wine, which will soon be glued adhesive labels.

Despite complexity and versatility of our market the forum revealed one: the Russian winemaking is ready to serious competitive fight which result will be a revolution in consciousness and culture of drink of our people. Do not sacrifice quality for the sake of price-here the slogan of Russian winemaking today. The increase in sales of domestic fruit wines, which became a steady trend of recent years - that the prospects for our market today, tomorrow and always.