15 June

Volume, the volume and the volume again.

After processing by a special polymer self-adhesive labels get a volume form.

The three-dimensional self-adhesive label with intricate volume design became one of the directions in improvement of the boring and bored forms.

Self-adhesive label: production of self-adhesive having a convex shape.

Usually the self-adhesive label finds such look when is filling by a compound, polymeric composition on the basis of epoxy. After hardening, special substance forms a spherical form, thus, the label takes an unusual, volume form.

The compound perfectly protects the image and an inscription from attrition and gives the chance to receive the hemispherical surface similar to a drop or a lens. The visual perception of such scheme is expressed as the volume image with effect 3D.

The layer of a compound gives to a label durability and reliability, prolonging life of a self-adhesive label in two or more times. Such label carries a huge esthetic loading and draws attention of the consumer, becoming a bright highlight of the goods flaunting on a shelf in the shop.