Self-adhesive label on carbonated alcoholic beverages.

17 September

Self-adhesive label on carbonated alcoholic beverages.

Bright, stylish, informative self-adhesive label firmly established and entrenched in our lives.

On the self-adhesive labels for champagne reflected all of the information about its contents

Self-adhesive label - Past and Present.

From the middle of the XVIII century the first attempts of use of a label for champagnes and sparkling wines were made. Today self-adhesive label has become an essential symbol of the drink, the original message to the consumer, decoration of a faceless bottle, so that the consumer looks for his eyes.

Metallic, textured and pearlescent paper: these expensive textures are used traditionally by a self-adhesive label for the elite vintage sparkling wines. Storage conditions of such beverages dictate particular materials that can maintain their properties and not lose quality labels and other markers. Self-adhesive label covered with special protection doesn't lose a look even during long transportations and storage. The real achievement in this regard is considered polypropylene self-adhesive with a high level of physical and chemical properties; this material can withstand wide range of temperatures without losing the "gloss" even during the cooling or contact with water.