Label that can dissolve

07 September

Label that can dissolve

Paper starch-based - that it has determined the wonderful properties of self-adhesive label, which has become a hit among consumers and innovation in recent years.

For the fruits are very suitable soluble self-adhesive labels.

The soluble adhesive label for fruit

The secret release labels, wash under running water, is incredibly simple: the material does not contain wood fibers and therefore is completely dissolved, leaving no trace on the surface. Food industry - to wash off the main consumer trends.

Energy - and water-saving, safe for humans and the environment the material does not clog the filter surface and does not cause pollution of wastewater. Do you have this type of self-adhesive label minus? The label loses its properties during a moist saturated water vapor environment. In defense of the news say, the marker is not "afraid" of deep-frozen conditions, and thus may find wider application in the food industry.